About CMS Academy

CMS Africa Academy is a multi-discipline coding club and hub based in Nairobi and operates within Africa. It serves to close the skill-gap in Africa’s growing job market by offering  professional skills training in order to compete in the global, digital economy.

Academy Talks.

Every month we have a tech expert coming to do a tech talk on a topical topic. 

Academy Lab

Everyone is welcome to our computer lab. You can learn any topic you wanna learn and use our free internet. 

Academy University Tour

Once every month we go to a selected university and do a talk about a topic that we think will help students there. 

Blend Of Both Learning

CMS Africa employs ‘Blended Learning’ EXPERIENCE that allows learners to think and experiment for themselves through the course. It is a transformative theory that makes sure learners are ready for the job market. 

Flipped ClassRoom 

Our learning is competency-based. This means that our students learn at their own speed. First, they learn basic concepts.  Once basic is grasped, they put what they have learned into action by tackling practical real-life exercises and activities.